I almost feel guilty saying this with  most of the country buried in snow, but it’s 78 degrees and sunny with clear blue skies today in Los Angeles.  As soon as my daughter wakes up from her nap we’re headed to the Getty.  Perched up on its mountain top, on a day like today,  you can see hundreds of miles beyond the city to snow capped mountains.  With a turn of your head,  you’re in full view of the Pacific Ocean dotted with little white sails and gorgeous Catalina Island.  There’s nothing like the middle of February in LA, clean, clear and blooming.

But….since the rest of you are stuck in the muck- it’s a perfect time to start thinking about what you will be doing with your outdoor spaces come spring.  I’ve just discovered Geobella, a company that carries an eco-friendly outdoor line.   In addition to the stain resistance, moisture wicking and high durability qualities we’ve come to expect from outdoor fabrics,  Geobella is composed entirely of olefin yarn that is recycled from post industrial waste.   The product is recyclable and can be re-extruded up to 10 times.

I’m a sucker for stripes and the line has two that I love.

Sagmore Seagrass (above) and Swizzle Bright (below) remind me of something Victoria Hagan would do, East Coast and fine .

For the”gentlemen’s lounge” inspired by menswear look that is so0000 hot right now, I love  Houndstooth and Bally Castle Tobacco (below).

If you’re dreaming of the tropics, hot with jungle fever, you’ll find the cure with Jungle Beat Lagoon (below).

With French and Spanish inspired patterns like Dhurrie Tan (below) and Quickstep Spice (last photo), the Tradtionalists won’t be left in the cold.


The line also has a wide range of richly hued solids and can be purchased through Plumridge.com. Break out the rum and Coke, turn on the Bob Marley and start thinking about going outside!