Anyone close to a toddler is familiar with the big boy/girl bed right of passage.  In an effort to minimize the “shock of the move”, a big deal is made out the bed, bedding, pillows, their design and decoration.  With the best of intentions,  brand new mattresses, bedding and pillows are purchased- chock full of toxins.

What people might not realize is that one of the best things you can give your child (and yourself) is a truly clean place to sleep and rejuvenate at night.  The space should include organic materials- free of pesticides and toxic petrochemicals.

Here’s how I did it.

Step 1. Find a kick-ass head board that someone decided to put out for the trash man.

Step 2.  Paint in non-toxic color that coordinates with your scheme.

Step 3. Design a fun bedding set with organic cotton fabric.

Step 4. Sew away.

Step 4.  Enjoy

In this endeavor I was also happy to learn about Naturepedic.  They make one of the best twin mattresses I’ve encountered.  In addition to being made of high quality,  organic materials that will last until college, it’s ultra comfortable and has 2 sides. One side is plush, organic cotton and the other still comfortable but it’s pee-pee proof so the matress isn’t destroyed during middle of the night accidents.  It’s also hypoallergenically designed to protect against dust mites.


FYI- all these steps will work with adults beds too.

Sweet Dreams!