We just got back from High Point Market where we saw the freshest in home design, toured beautiful showrooms and met future furniture partners.  There was so much inspiration, revelations, and new relationships made.  It’s going to be a very exciting year!

Sara Plaisted and I about to start our High Point Adventure


Our first meeting was at Lorts, who we are thrilled to be working with to develop our own line of hip-hacienda style furniture.  Throughout the years we’ve been collecting images, photographs and art as inspiration for when this moment would finally come and we’re ready!  To sit down with our book of sketches and an “I have an idea – how can we make this happen?” collaboration was totally exhilarating.  Each person came to the table with a different perspective on how it all comes together from production to market and I couldn’t have asked for a better team!

Sitting with Judy Hunerberg from Lorts


We started the day off right at Bernhardt where they’ve done a total revamp of not only their showroom but their beautiful new pieces.  In Love!

Well Hello Bernhardt!


Oh how I love acrylic and this Bernhardt table is at a great price point!

Eco-friendly upholsterer Decor -Rest   delighted with sleek vignettes and UBER competitive price points.  With a line by Canadian Design Stars Stephen & Chris, it was obvious that substance backed up the style!

Decor-Rest Sofa for the best Interior Designers

Eco Friendly Decor-Rest Sofa

You can’t miss Stray Dog Designs walking through Market.

Our most colorful and happy place at Stray Dog

We loved their hand made paper mache jewelry, especially the chicken foot – because we love our backyard girls at home!

Stray Dog Designs Jewelry Collection


Caracole was not only one of our faves, but they had a Spa Room where we sat with warmed lavender neck pillows and our very own foot massage.  I wish we had a snapshot of us – we’ll have to track down Jeff Young, CEO who captured our moment of pure relaxation heaven after walking and walking and walking.

Beautifully woven sofa at Caracole


Sculptural coffee table at Caracole


It’s the Bomb Bay Chest at Caracole

Charlotte Moss debuted her new line at Century Furniture which was beautiful!

Charlotte Moss Collection at Century Furniture


I love the simplicity of the curves and the bronze inlay. Lovely!

You can’t keep me away from acrylic and gold at Century

At Jaipur rugs we ran into our friends and Design Camp faves Bill Indursky and Vera Djonovic of Design Life Network.

New Turkish throws at Jaipur


We stopped by Noir to have a meeting with Ken Bassman of Bassman Blaine and talk about our new partnership with Design Camp.  Don’t miss out this summer in Vegas.  It’s gonna be our biggest camp yet!

We’re big fans of Noir


Four Hands has such a great showroom at High Point and their theme this year was deconstruction.  A car was hung upside down with the parts shooting out just below it.  Very cool!

And of course, I’m still in love with the beautiful Van Thiel Collection.

Van Thiel Collection at Four Hands

As we were leaving, we ran into our one-stop shop purchasing agent Jason Glassman of VDRC.  We love him because he makes our work easy and oh so seamless!  One of the best parts of Market is running into old friends and putting faces to names and emails of the people we work with on a daily basis.

We discovered a new showroom off the beaten path at Francesco Molon.  We just picked up a new project with a Russian oligarch and a few of these items will be perfect!

Rounding out our trip we finished our tour at Chaddock Home where we met up with Mary McDonald.  Mary is debuting her new line which was inspired by Napoleon who often campaigned in Egypt, so there were quite a few Egyptian influences.  She’s in great company at Chaddock along with David Easton, Larry Laslo and Dave Hinckley.

Mary McDonald’s modern take on Egyptian X-Bench with Horse Legs at Chaddock