When I walked into the High Point Bernhardt Interiorsshowroom, I almost didn’t know where I was.  There was low mood lighting, down-tempo music and furniture I wouldn’t necessarily associate with the Bernhardt I’ve known in the past.  It was sexy, contemporary and on trend, resulting in an absolutely stunning curation.  Ron Fiore, Stylist and Creative Director, is to thank for the showroom experience whose eye for ambiance in each collection totally transported me to another place and time….say the chicest hotel in London!

This large scale brass Greek Key cocktail table is awesome!

After 125 years, this family owned operation, now lead by 4th generation Alex Bernhardt Jr., has reinvented themselves in Bernhardt Interiors and I am blown away! What impressed me even more, was the price point and wide variety of customizable options.  You name it, they can do it.  If you love that cabinet but it’s just a couple inches too wide, they’ll adjust it for you.   Their pieces are well made and pricing is extremely competitive with other major manufacturers which makes me a very happy designer.

So in love with this brass chair!


The New Look: Classic and Contemporary Bernhardt

Walking through the 75,000 sq. ft. showroom with us, Alex Bernhardt, Jr. talked about his inspiration for bringing in designs that he personally loves – which were coincidentally the pieces that we were especially drawn to (the brass table and chair in the above images and this jaw-dropping bed). Talk about going with your gut and moving in a clear direction – Bernhardt has nailed it!

Oh, yes please!

Always close to my heart is not only the beautiful end result of items that come from a favorite manufacturer, but how they treat their employees and the environment.  Bernhardt employs about 1,250 people and they have implemented a comprehensive set of Environmental Policy Objectives, ranging from energy and water use, emissions and air quality control, waste reduction and the use of renewable materials, and how they package their products.  As designers, we want to make sure we source our products in a conscious manner so it’s beneficial for everyone involved, from design concept to building to installation.

Sara Plaisted and I with the ever so humble and charming Bernhardt Creative Director Ron Fiore.  We were very lucky to catch this shot because he’s one shy guy!

Interior Designer Lori Dennis on Bernhardt Furniture

One of my favs…the Lance chair with the white leather and brass cantilever base.

A major talking point was the notice of hardware being the jewelry of the furniture.  Such attention to detail was much appreciated!

Notice the hardware “jewelry” on the back of the chair and on the cabinet

The theme of this collection and space in the showroom was “A special woman who is a world traveler.  It’s sophisticated, luxurious and elegant.”   Such a sweet detail of the chair hardware

Refined Elegance

Bernhardt has tapped into the horn trend and introduced these cool chairs and table.

Elka Chair with Ombre Horn Legs


Horn Console Table

Ribbon Wood Table Base

This table is so interesting.  They’ve created the look of a light, ribbon-like wood base that is strong enough to support the glass top.  The trick is having a metal interior and wood veneer.  Genius!

Silver Leaf Metal Applique Dresser


Cool and Affordable Acrylic Side Table

This is perfect example of an awesome price point – this acrylic side table is 1/3 the cost of similar tables I’ve seen.  Very impressive!

Sure to be taken seriously behind this faux Snake Skin Desk

I have a new passion love for Bernhardt,  I’m so excited to share my “discovery” with my clients and design friends.  I’m sure you’ll be just as impressed as I am!