The Best Gift Wrapping Techniques on the Internet

Now that you’d finished all your holiday shopping, it’s time to wrap those puppies up! From Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens to DIY’ers on Pinterest and around the blogosphere: we’ve scoured the internet; mining its best gift wrapping and creative styling techniques. We love a great presentation almost as much as finding the perfect gift for someone special, so we’ve compiled all of our favorites here:

If You’re An Ambitious Gift Wrapper…

Try out the 1 piece of tape trick, a Japanese Gift Wrapping technique meant for efficiency! (We’ve yet to perfect it)


If You’re All About Appearance…

Try wrapping with double sided tape for a perfectly seamless look.

And if you’ve Always Wanted that Perfect Bow check out this incredible tutorial:

Image Via Martha Stewart

If You’re Lazy, but Still Want Your Packages to Look Chic…

Skip ribbon and op’t for decorative tape instead. (This looks super cute, especially on kid’s packages!!)

Image Via Tumblr

If You’re Compulsively Organized…

If your a fan of systems and efficiency, consider color coding your packages by who they’re for. This makes passing out gifts at holiday gatherings way easier. 

Image Via Martha Stewart

If You Prioritize a Zero-Waste Wrapping Philosophy…

As a designer, I always have leftover scraps of wallpaper or fabric samples, repurposing these into giftwrap is a great way to live true to our sustainable philosophy AND creates a unique gift wrap style. Newspaper or used tablecloths (paper or otherwise) are also great ways to keep with the zero-waste philosophy.

Image Via Food52

Image Via Martha Stewart

Gift Wrap Style Tips

If You Want to Be Personal…

Add a monogram to packages or gift tags for an extra personal touch. Making the monogram letter tags the primary focus of the gift wrap (as in the photo below) is another technique that makes it easy for passing out presents at a holiday party.

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Minted

If You want Your Packages Sturdy, but Still Chic…

Plain kraft paper is sturdy and chic. You can customize Kraft paper packages with rubber stamps, doilies, ribbons or other fun package garnishes.

Image Via Mr. Kate

Image Via Pinterest

If You Want an Elegant Designer Touch…

Wrapping in linen rather than paper adds an elegant, rustic designer flair! Tie it off with a monochromatic satin ribbon.

Best Gift Wrapping Techniques

Image Via Pinterest